You're About To Discover The Secrets Of How I Make A FULL-TIME INCOME Trading Less Than THREE HOURS A WEEK.

My name is John Ondercin from I've been trading full-time as a professional trader for over 12 years, and have been helping students just like you trade successfully for the last seven years.

I have a question for you...  

Why aren't you making more money trading?  

It's probably because you're making one of these Top 7 Mistakes that most day traders make:

Mistake # 1:  Trading All Day Long

Let's be honest...

When you are trading, you're trading against the best traders in the world.

Do you REALLY think you can do this for eight, nine, even ten hours straight?

A professional athlete (in football, basketball, and many other sports) is on the field for an average of half an hour during the game.

And while trading is much more a mental game than a physical one, you need to find that special 30 minutes to two hours where you can get focused and in the zone so you can do your best.

Traders who decide to trade all day long get very fatigued halfway through the day.  They don't always make their best decisions.  

That's why it's important to find that time when you're AT YOUR BEST.

For some people, it's in the morning.  For others, it's in the afternoon, and still others are best in the evenings.  

The important part is to find that time when you're at your best.

If you can move your schedule around so you can you trade in the mornings, I have something that's gonna blow you away.

Minimize and focus your trading to -- at MOST -- a three hour time frame each day.

To stay focused for even that long is incredibly hard, and when you're trading against other professional traders you have to be at your best and know when you're at your best.

Mistake # 2: Quit Trading After A Few Trades

It's human nature...  

People freeze up after a bad trade, and then they're unable to pull the trigger again and get into another trade.

Two reasons cause this:

First, they don't know the probabilities of their system.

They don't know that they're gonna win eight out of ten times or even six out of ten times. They don't know the math behind their system.

Second, they're not psychologically equipped to trade.

If they REALLY believed in their system, and they knew what the math was, they would go ahead and pull that trigger again and keep on trading.

THAT'S when it's so helpful to have a trading coach to help you get through that point.

If you get into a situation where you can't start trading again...  First, go back to trading in simulation -- build that confidence back up.

There are some markets where -- even if you're the best trader in the world -- there tends to be a one- or two-week low between market changes.

Even the best professional traders don't make money in those markets.

You have to realize that when the market is going to change -- and every three to four months, the market fundamentally DOES change -- during that changing period, things are a little quirky, a little different.  Sometimes your trading systems just don't work.

It's also great to have a buddy who you know in the trading community because, if you're losing money and you call them and they're not doing well either, you know something is a little bit different in the market.

Relax for a couple days until the market gets back to normal, because that's just the nature of trading.


Keep on trading and keep on pushing forward -- it's going to pay off in the long run.

Mistake # 3: Learn A New System And Start Trading Real Money Right Away

That's the WORST thing you can do!

You've just learned a new system and you need to become an expert at it.

You need to PRACTICE in simulation.

You need to literally perfect it.

There are nuances to what you're doing, and there are things that you may not recognize right away when you start trading.

Some systems just do not work.  And some others work great, but may not fit your personal trading style.

You've got to find a system that is solid, that has a track record and that has the built-in math that proves that it is a winner.

If you start trading money right away, you don't have the experience to be able to understand how the system works, all the nuances, and how you're going to make money with this system.

The problem people run into is that they lose money if they start trading too soon.  They may lose too much money before they have a chance to master or perfect their system.

Then they quit and blame the system, when the system was not the problem.

Mistake # 4:  Trade With The Wrong Tools

If you're gonna build a house, don't you want to have the right hammer, the right equipment and the right tools to put that house up? You need to have the best trading tools out there as well. Yes, it does matter what software you use or if you have a fast enough computer. You need to make sure you have the right tools out there. Most traders have a very slow trade execution system that doesn't work and has them focused on the wrong things.

The first thing you want to look at when you have a trading system in the day trading world is to always keep your eye on the chart. Taking your eyes off the chart to get into a trade is the wrong thing to do. It's like driving in a car -- would you drive in the car and pull out a big four by four right in front of your face and try to figure out where you're going? No, you'd probably go ahead and smack a sign or another car. You need a tool, an order entry system tool that allows you to do it all on the chart and not have to use what people call the dome or the matrix or some other trade execution system that takes your eyes off the chart. Remember, keeping your eyes on the chart keeps you safe.

Mistake # 5:  Use Subjective Indicators

There are a lot of subjective indicators. All indicators can work in some markets. I'm not going to knock that, but there are phenomenal indicators and there are terrible indicators. You can make money on any indicators, but the ones that I see used all the time and the ones I see most people lose on are ones like stochastics and MACD and Elliot Wave -- just to name a few.

Elliot Wave can work in some circumstances. I've spent a ton of time learning how to use these indicators, and what I found is they tend to be lagging. A lagging indicator is something that is not quick enough to respond to what's happening in the future. Everyone learns that the MACD and stochastic crossover. It is a basic, beginner system. There are better indicators out there that are not so subjective, that work better, are more specific and are more intuitive to the way the market is going.

Do you want a indicator that changes its mind all the time when you get into a trade? I thought everything was pointing up so I went long. Subjective indicators like stochastics, MACD, Elliot Wave are built upon what has happened in the past. When your system recounts the wave you need a more subjective indicator -- one that is built on where things are going in the future. Make sure your indicators are solid and they give you a clairvoyance into the future.

Mistake # 6:  Don't Know Their Timeframe For Trading

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes most traders make. It's something that people don't even know they are making a mistake because they don't have enough experience. Some of you are just wired to make decisions in just a few seconds. Some of you like to make decisions over a five, ten, 15 minute timeframe. Others like to make decisions over two or three weeks. It's just how we're built and wired. Not everyone is meant to be a day trader. Not everyone is meant to trade over two or three week period. You've got to find that timeframe where you're very comfortable making decisions. Some people get into trading and feel uncomfortable about their trade because they're making decisions too quickly for their personal timeframe. Some people in the day trading world need to trade 30, 40 times a day. Others need to trade once or twice a day. Others like to swing trade over a two or three day period. You need to find where your comfort zone is.

A lot of people get into trading because they like the excitement. They get in, they get out, and they have made their trades. It's like they're going to conquer the world. Well, that's great, but find your timeframe for trading. You need to sit down and figure out what type of timeframe works best for me -- one or two minutes, fifteen-twenty minutes or maybe an hour. It all depends upon how you're wired and how you feel comfortable in your trading.

Mistake # 7:  Poor Risk/Reward Ratio

If you're risking five dollars to make one dollar, the math says over time that you have to have over a 95 percent winning system. That goes back to learning what percentage your system wins. In the day trading world, if you're really going to make money and become successful, you must have a risk/reward ratio of one-to-one. If you're going to do a trade and you are going to risk five dollars, you must at least make five dollars on every trade. If your risk/reward ratio is anything less than that you are not going to do as well.

You need to make sure that your math is correct. You also need to make sure that when you look at your targets, your stops and where you're getting in and out of your trade, you determine whether or not it is worth risking trading capital to do it. If you don't know that, you're going to be winning -- trading your system, however at the end of the month you will not be making the kind of money that you should be. Focus on risk/reward ratio and make sure your system capitulates that so you can become successful.

These seven common mistakes are why you are probably placing more losing trades than winners, repeatedly giving away your hard-earned profits, blaming the market (instead of whatever approach you have been using) and looking for a better trading system.

I want to introduce you to the $1K-A-week Trading System. If you have just $2500 in a trading account, I'll show you the trades I use to make an average of $200 to $300 a day in just 30 minutes a day. There is a very powerful time of the day where the markets move, great volume is present and there is great opportunity to make money. Let me show you how the market moves in the first 30 minutes of the day.

Let me bring you into my world. Here is a chart of a Russell 2000, and the Russell 2000 represents 2,000 of some of the best companies out there in the world. They trade together as an index. We don't have to worry about company news if Microsoft is going to make its earnings, or we don't have to worry about Apple coming out with the latest and greatest products.

Let me just walk you around this chart real quick. It says between 18.8 and 18.5 -- if you're to trade one contract of the Russell that would make you $50. If I go from 18.18 to 18.19 and trade one contract that represents $100 in profit. Let's go over to the chart. The red line represents the market open (9:30 Eastern Standard Time of the New York Stock Exchange). You can see how much this Russell index moves up and down. Remember going from 18 to 19 is one point. I can measure that by drawing a line from 18 to 19. Going between these two levels is one point which is $100.

Do you think it's possible in the first half hour of the day to make $100 and do that once or twice? Look how much this trade has moved -- all the way from 17.7 up to 21 in the first half hour of the day. There is plenty of volume here, and this is the time of the day where there is so much volume that you can get your trades entered and filled so you make the profit. It is like this every single day.

The best time to trade during the day is the first half hour? Most people call this amateur hour and say, "Ooh, stay away from it". A lot of training companies out there say, "Don't trade the first half hour of the day because it's amateur hour". If it's amateur hour, I'm probably not trading against the best traders in the world. If it's amateur hour and you learn the secrets and how to make money off the first half hour, it can actually be the easiest time of the day to make money.

Here's another day. Look how price went all the way from 24 all the way down to 18 within the first ten minutes of the day. I've got a system that I'm going to show you that will teach you how to profit off that type of move successfully. I can just keep going on day after day after day and show you what type of movement there is in the Russell every single time. Here's the first half hour of the day -- watch the trade move up and down. There's plenty of movement.

Think about the seven mistakes traders make we just discussed. What if you can just get focused for the first 30 minutes of the day and not worry about the next two, three, four, six hours? I have to wake up at three in the morning to trade currencies where trades can go for hours and hours and hours. What if you found the time of the day that is the most potent, has the most volume, has the most movement and trade against the amateurs? How do you think your profitability will be? How much money you can make?
Trade when it's smart. Trade when you have an edge over the market. In this course, I will show you three ways of profiting in the first half hour of the day. In my opinion, this is the best time of the day to trade. You have plenty of volume, plenty of movement and you're focused on just the next 30 minutes -- not the next six hours.

Let me introduce you to the $1K-A-Week Trading System. It is a six module online training course. In this course you will learn three consistent profitable trades of which you only one to make $200 to $300 a day. All modules are recorded so you can review and learn at your own pace. Each of these three trades is covered in depth with multiple examples so you can master each one. The value of this system is $1000.

First, I will teach you the price trade: Why the opening price trade is such a critical number and how to take advantage of it throughout the day. I will teach you how to avoid getting fooled by the market and get in too early -- yeah, the market likes to fool you. The market likes to make you think one thing and do another. We will learn the secrets of how to uncover these nuances of the market and how to take advantage of both long and short term trades?

Second, I will teach you the 15-minute breakout: Where to start bracketing the trades for maximum effectiveness.You could spend the next two or three years trying to figure out where the best place to bracket a trade is. What do we mean by bracket a trade? If a stock is just going sideways and I can put an order in above and below and not have to guess which way it's going, I've bracketed the trade. Where do you do that specifically? Where do you do that to make sure you do it properly? I have figured out what the key formula is to do that properly, and I will show that to you in this course.

How do you set up buy and sell orders simultaneously so it doesn't matter which way the market goes? I will show you when to enter the trade to greatly minimize getting washed and rinsed. What does wash and rinse mean? It means you think it's going up and the market will bring up the index just a little bit and get everyone in to the trade and immediately go the opposite direction. So everyone gets in. There may be a tick of profit and then immediately the trade goes against you. Getting washed and rinsed is the most frustrating thing about trading. It still happens, but what if you could be taught the secrets and the nuances of how to recognize if they're gonna do this to you? It's a game the market makers do play all the time. Don't you want to be on the inside with the market makers playing the game with them? In this course I will show you the secrets of how not to get washed and rinsed.

Third, I will teach you the Ten A.M. News Trade: A powerful time to trade. I will show you how to profit during this timeframe, where to find the best source for market news and which announcements will move the market the most. Some announcements don't move the markets at all. Some announcements will move it drastically. Let me show you which ones to take, how to take the maximum advantage whether the news is good or bad and how to set up your profitable targets and trailing stops to minimize potential loss.

To get started right away, click the big, orange "Add to Cart" button below. If you decide to buy this course today, I will add in three bonuses. Bonus number 1 is the $1K-A-Day Custom Indicator. I created an indicator that takes my system and shows you easily how to identify the trades and setup to make your money in the first half hour of the day. It instantly creates support and resistance lines for each level that I provide in this course. It allows you to focus on trades, not the setup. There is less chance of missing trades because the indicators show you what trades to look out for. These are leading indicators -- they are not lagging indicators. You will know well in advance where to take your trade, and it will not be any big guess. The value of this indicator is $497.

Bonus 2 is the Successful Trader's Mindset which, as I said, trading is 80 percent psychology. It predetermines your level of success by helping you build successful habits, overcome the fear of losing, track your trades to find the patterns and break bad habits. Do you have bad habits in your trading? Do you make the same mistakes over and over and over again? This course will find out why that is and help you cure that bad habit. The value of this course is $297.

Bonus 3 is Trading with Volume. This is an exclusive webinar from Mark Stone that shows you how you can use volume to predict patterns in the market throughout the day. This is a $197 value.

By this time you're probably wondering how much you would have to invest in a system like this? Would you pay a professional trader $1000 once to teach you how to make a $1000 a week? Add it up. Take the $1K-A-Week Online Trading System for $1000. Add Bonus number 1, the $1K-a-Day Custom Indicator for $497, Bonus 2, the Successful Trader's Mindset for $297, Bonus 3, Trading with Volume Webinar for $297. That's $2,291 value.

Other competitors of mine charge up to $10,000 to learn how to do some of the stuff, and they don't even come close to how well I do it. I have a great ability to take very complex ideas and simplify them. There's only one percent of the entire community out there that has that ability to do that. It's a great talent that I'm honored to have. I make things easy to understand. Where some people can take three or four pages of stuff and try to explain something, I can usually explain it in two or three sentences. I have mastered the material and understand it. If you can't simplify something or make it easy, then you probably don't know it very well.

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