#005: Gabriel Brent from APA Zones

EP 005
Traderview Episode 005 - Gabriel Brent from APA Zones

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Show Notes


Q: Tell us about your background.

  • Gabriel talks about his background and experience

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a trader?

  • Gabriel was inspired by a stock market game from the 90's

Q: Do you remember your first big winning trade? What did you do with the money?

  • Gabriel's first big winning trade was on the Russell2000. He bought a steak dinner and gave money to charity

Q: At what point did trading become your primary source of income?

  • It was 2007 when Gabriel transitioned from his old career to day trading

Q: What does a typical day look like for you? 

  • A typical day starts with coffee and family time before settling in for a couple hours of day trading. Gabriel controls a fund with money in ETFs and stocks.

Q: What markets do you trade and why?

  • Gabriel likes to trade Crude and the Mini Dow and Mini Nasdaq markets because they can be small losses

Q: What is your favorite trading strategy in today's market?

  • Gabriel like to buy and sell pullbacks

Q: What is different about your approach compared to other traders?

  • His shines when looking at all the strategies when looking at the bar graphs.
  • Gabriel finds a better audience with older traders because he is price and bar based.
  • He reads price actions and can understands equations

Q: How does your strategy differ for generating income versus building wealth?

  • Focus on targets and there should be no need for different strategies

Q: How would you trade a $5,000 account differently than a $50,000 account?

  • Gabriel thinks you should make changes in strategy based on one key factor

Q: How do you limit risk?

  • Gabriel utilizes a business plan and a trade plan to limit risk.
  • Know the laws of probability and always have them in your favor

Q: What trading platform do you use primarily?

  • Gabriel primarily uses Ninja Trader but also likes another online platform

Q: Which indicator could you not live without?

  • Gabriel could not live without his own software, APAzones

Q: Do you have a written trading plan that you reference every day?

  • Yes, he has a systematic outline of objectives

Q: Do you keep a trading journal?

  • Yes, and he also uses another tool to help with this

Q: What do you like most about trading and what do you like the least?

  • The same thing that Gabriel enjoys most is what he enjoys least

Q: Was there a specific turning point where you went from consistently losing money to being consistently profitable?

  • Learning to read price actions was pivotal for Gabriel

Q: What was your best month as a trader? Your worst month?

Gabriel's best month was a couple of years ago, and his worst was in August of 2012

Q: Do you have a favorite story about how your success in the market allowed you to impact the lives of others?

  • Trading has allowed Gabriel give more money to charities and orphanages, which hold a special place in his heart

Q: If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

  • Pay more attention to the math

Q: How do you measure success in life?

  • Gabriel measures success by the number of people you touch and the number of people you help

Q: What have you had to sacrifice to get where you are today?

  • Gabriel's number one sacrifice is something he can never get back

Q: If you could do it all over again, is there anything that you would have done differently?

  • Gabriel would have developed his software and learned to read bars sooner

Q. What is your biggest challenge as a trader?

  • Like many traders, Gabriel tries to do too much with his time

Q: What is the biggest difference between successful traders and unsuccessful traders?

  • Successful traders have more control over their emotions, whereas unsuccessful people do not leave room for the market to move

Q: How has your mindset evolved over time?

  • Gabriel has come to realize you start with small accounts and work your way into the big stuff

Q: How should someone handle losing streaks?

  • Remember that a losing streak does not necessarily mean you are a bad trader; the market can be unforgiving at times

Audience Q+A

Q: Which time frame do you find best to trade crude and do you use time, tick and range charts?

  • In tick and time charts, Gabriel uses 16, 15 and 1 minute. In range, he uses 5 minute frames

Q: If you had the power to make something required reading for every high school senior in the world, what would that be?

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Q: What is the next step in your evolution as a trader?

  • Funding traders in the community and teaching a pastor how to trade

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with you?

  • APA zones website
  • YouTube channel

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“You got to have a positive mental flow"

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“Keep it nice and simple.”

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“Stack the deck in your favor.”

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“What works for one, may not work for another.”

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“We can’t take anything with us when we leave.”

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3 Action Steps

  1. Have a plan
  2. Follow the plan
  3. Keep a journal

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How to Get More Free Training from Gabriel Brent

Get More Free Training from Gabriel Brent: www.apazones.com

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Resources and Links

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About Gabriel Brent

Gabriel Brent has been the trader and programmer behind APA Zones for the past seven years. A few years ago, he saw a gap in the marketplace for a new breed of indicator: Realtime supply and demand, based on pure price action, and the way to help define the “trend” and trade with those very basic principles. APA Zones teaches exactly that.

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