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Candlesticks, Candelaabra, and the Swiss Franc/Euro “Peg”

The Swiss National Bank’s abandonment of the Swiss Franc/Euro “Peg” was not a surprise to those who understood the Candlestick and Candelaabra warning signals, which appeared 8 trading days before the abandonment. By way of background… It is to the advantage of an exporting nation that its currency be “cheap” relative to the currencies of… Read More »

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Candlesticks Foretold The “Crash of 1987” And The “Flash Crash of 2010”

There are several commonalities between the “Crash of 1987” and the “Flash Crash of 2010.” They’re not “twins,” but they surely are “brothers under the skin.” One of their commonalities is that, at the time, they were both frequently described as “coming out of the blue.” However, such is not the case; there was plenty… Read More »

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8 Key Macro Factors That Smarter Money Tracks

Excerpt adapted from Avoiding Bear Traps: Easy Macro Factors for Smart Traders We’re at a unique time in history right now. Amid the housing and financial crisis of 2008, the world went haywire. Bank bailouts and extraordinary actions by the Federal Reserve became commonplace. Many would agree that the easy money policies of the Fed… Read More »

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The Three Skills That ALL Successful Traders Have (And Why Renko Makes ALL The Difference)

I once watched two professional traders in Chicago take totally random market entries in the S&P 500 Emini. They didn’t win big, but they did make money 9 out of 10 trading days and had a decent net profit considering that the “system” they used was arguably the worst ever devised. The exercise didn’t prove… Read More »

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7 Critical Things You Didn’t Know About Automated Trading Systems

If you’re not familiar with the term, “trading system” is actually a common name for a number of very different applications. Some systems use the newest technologies and know-how, and are state-of-the-art applications. Such applications may be very complex and employ principles that may seem counterintuitive to the general public at first glance. Retail traders… Read More »

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What Commodity Price Signals REALLY Mean For Investors

There is a strong optimism about the global economic outlook. The U.S economy is leading the list of indicators that global economic growth rates are set to remain on the rise at least for the next few quarters, if not years. The bureau of economic analysis revised upwards U.S GDP growth rate for Q3 2014… Read More »

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REVIEW: Wonga Mania

Wonga Mania is a new game based on the financial markets. Xeo Lye of Capital Gains LLC sent a review copy to play with. What is Wonga Mania? It’s a card game for 2-6 players that lasts for around 20-30 minutes. You earn “Wonga,” the in-game currency, by purchasing assets and earning profits on… Read More »