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27 Reasons Why Long-Term Investing Is A Bad Idea

The stock market isn’t dead, it just isn’t a good place to automatically deposit your money anymore. Please don’t misunderstand. We’re not saying that there aren’t opportunities to make money in the stock market, only that the long-term investment isn’t a good choice these days. In fact, short-term trading in the markets is an outstanding… Read More »

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Why Do WINvestors Avoid “Buy and Hold” Strategies?

The “Buy and Hold” strategy is any trading approach that involves purchasing a stock and holding onto it for at least 3 years, hoping that the share price will go up during that time and that you’ll also profit from the dividends. Despite this approach still being taught in some trading circles, WINvestors know, without… Read More »

How Do WINvestors Schedule Their Time?

WINvestors schedule their time based on their trading style and their availability. And they ALL have a plan that they stick to religiously. What kind of trader are you going to be? These questions will help you decide… What kind of driver are you? a) Fast, efficient, taking every opportunity to overtake. b) Relaxed and… Read More »