Fast Market Replay Data at Your Fingertips is an official vendor of NinjaTrader platform that creates uniquely innovated products to meet the demands of the serious active traders.

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Market replay is one of the most important features for traders to validate strategies, test indicators, enhance learning experience, as well as polish own trading skills. is an integrated solution for NinjaTrader platform as an Add-On – naturally embedded into NinjaTrader's platform – to download and manipulate market replay data. It uses a standard installation and technique similar to other 3rd party indicators and strategies.

The is a download management interface tool, specially designed for convenience of traders who utilize NinjaTrader’s Market replay environment.’s friendly interface allows users to download multiple days of market data and multiple instruments at once for the most popular Futures and Forex instruments from the Cloud based storage servers. Currently the fast download of data from our cloud servers is available for up to one year back time period.

At a Glance:

If you're using market replay for testing, you shouldn't focus on the process of getting the data. You need a reliable solution that just works and saves you time. A typical example of download time for 1 week of /ES data takes about 30 seconds, comparing to 1.5 minutes to download 1 day of data through a standard functionality of NinjaTrader.

Featured Highlights Include:

Set a date range for playback, verify what market replay is available, start the playback, pause the playback, change the playback speed (up to 500x times the normal) and jump to the corresponding date and time.

  • Download of data for multiple days
  • Download of multiple instruments
  • Local data cache in compressed format
  • Cloud data cache, high speed download
  • Automatic check for updates
  • Replay data for Futures and Forex
  • 1 year of data is available from our Cloud servers
  • Continuous contract ##-##
  • Seamlessly switch between normal/continuous contract ##-##
  • Free Trial version is available

Available List of Instruments:

FX: 6A,6B,6C,6E,6J,6N,6S

Energy: CL,QM,NG

Metals: GC,HG,PL,SI



Interest rate: ZB,ZF,ZN

Agriculture: ZC,ZL,ZM,ZO,ZS,ZW

Download MarketReplay Now