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Candlesticks, Candelaabra, and the Swiss Franc/Euro “Peg”

The Swiss National Bank’s abandonment of the Swiss Franc/Euro “Peg” was not a surprise to those who understood the Candlestick and Candelaabra warning signals, which appeared 8 trading days before the abandonment. By way of background… It is to the advantage of an exporting nation that its currency be “cheap” relative to the currencies of… Read More »

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The Three Skills That ALL Successful Traders Have (And Why Renko Makes ALL The Difference)

I once watched two professional traders in Chicago take totally random market entries in the S&P 500 Emini. They didn’t win big, but they did make money 9 out of 10 trading days and had a decent net profit considering that the “system” they used was arguably the worst ever devised. The exercise didn’t prove… Read More »

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What Will 2015 Hold For Traders?

The start of a new year always operates as a kind of catalyst for a whole load of rumination and analysis. How was the previous year, from a financial perspective? Does the near future look any brighter? What sort of year can we look forward to in terms of economic prosperity, financial performance, and trading?… Read More »

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How To Stop Trading Like A Caveman

Evolution has been very kind to humans over the course of our history. But when it comes to making investing and trading decisions in the heat of the moment, those same behaviors and instincts that worked so well in our pre-historic lives are devastating to our bank account. Walking into the market or our investment… Read More »

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Small Cap Stocks Lagging In 2014

Since 2010, small cap stocks have had an impressive run, growing in strength and becoming a favorite for investors. However, take a look at performance over 2014, and the trend tells a very different story. This year, all three small-cap fund categories—growth, value, and blend—lost value through the first seven months. This means that, aside… Read More »

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27 Reasons Why Long-Term Investing Is A Bad Idea

The stock market isn’t dead, it just isn’t a good place to automatically deposit your money anymore. Please don’t misunderstand. We’re not saying that there aren’t opportunities to make money in the stock market, only that the long-term investment isn’t a good choice these days. In fact, short-term trading in the markets is an outstanding… Read More »

Financial Analyst Predicts Upward Trend

Predicting trends in investing can be a tricky topic and financial analysts are often cagey about putting their name to specific predictions about the future of various assets. However, Craig Johnson, financial analyst for Piper Jaffray, has given a frank interview about the future of stocks, and offers some intriguing information that could sway investors… Read More »