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Traderview Ep 002 Matthews Whiz Buckley - Top Gun Options

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Show Notes


Q: Tell us about yourself.

  • Whiz talks about his background growing up in New Jersey
  • He joined the military and developed his love for aviation
  • His car insurance company inspired him to begin investing in mutual funds and get into finance
  • Whiz’s career path as an airline pilot changed dramatically on 9/11
  • Through the chaos of a career change and being mobilized as a Naval combat pilot, Whiz was learning skills that could be applied to trading

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a trader?

  • Whiz’s father provided the spark that ignited his interest in finance
  • In college, Whiz was particularly engaged in economics courses
  • Whiz grew tired of paying a fee for having someone manage his mutual funds, so he decided to learn to do it himself
  • The first stocks he invested in were for personal and unique reasons
  • Lunch with a colleague in the Navy changed his life

Q: At what point did trading become your primary source of income?

  • The September 11th attacks made it necessary to transition from trading as a hobby to trading as a means to make ends meet

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

  • A typical day for Whiz starts much like it did in the military: with a daily intel brief

Q: Do you remember your first big winning trade? What did you do with the money?

  • Whiz invested in the stock that made Martha Stewart infamous and made a very stylish (and speedy) purchase

Q: What is your favorite memory or trading story?

  • A recent trade dealing with Brexit brought a smile to Whiz’s face

Q: What do you like most about trading and what do you like the least?

  • Whiz’s passion for trading goes beyond making money – he sees trading as a form of combat

Q: Was there a specific turning point where you went from consistently losing money to being consistently profitable?

  • There was a series of losses that made Whiz realize that he already possessed a specific set of skills that could elevate his trading
  • There is a mentality that Whiz believes is essential to successful trading

Q: If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your 20-year- old self?

  • Whiz would have liked to forego a lot of the trading mistakes he made early on and jump right into the trading strategy that he later developed and has been very successful with

Q: How do you measure success in life?

  • Whiz does not measure success by scoreboards or dollar signs

Q: What have you had to sacrifice to get where you are today?

  • Time is a big sacrifice for achieving success

Q: What is the biggest difference between successful traders and unsuccessful traders?

  • Whiz has a 7 step trade plan that addresses the one key factor that he believes differentiates successful traders from unsuccessful traders

Q: What is the most important piece of advice that you would give to new traders?

  • Whiz wants new traders to stand on the shoulders of those who came before them
  • Whiz believes traders get confused between strategies and tactics, so he suggests a process that he calls SOT

Q: How should someone handle losing streaks?

  • Losing streaks are very tough to handle at the beginning, but the key is to recognize that they will not last forever
  • Emotions can prolong a losing streak

Q: How important is mindset and how has your mindset evolved over time?

  • Whiz’s upbringing and his time in the military helped him to develop a strong mindset early on

Q: What is your biggest challenge as a trader?

  • Whiz believes that he has conquered MOST of his challenges, but there is one thing he could do to reach his goals at the moment

Q: What would you make required reading for every high school senior?

  • Whiz believes that with today’s political climate, there is one book that would be particularly helpful for everyone to read and learn from

Q: What markets do you trade and why?

  • All of them!

Q: What is your favorite trading strategy in today’s market?

  • Whiz’s favorite strategy has changed over the past year to accommodate today’s fast-moving market

Q: What is different about your approach compared to other traders?

  • Whiz’s background and the mindset that lends him sets him apart from other traders

Q: How would you trade a $5,000 account differently than a $50,000 account?

  • Whiz wouldn’t trade them differently per se, but he would make slight changes based on the size of the account

Q: How does your strategy differ for income versus building wealth?

  • There would be no difference in strategy

Q: What trading platform do you use primarily?

  • Whiz uses a platform that he helped build!

Q: Which indicator could you not live without?

  • As an options trader, the biggest instrument in Whiz’s cockpit is the VIX

Q: Do you have a written trading plan?

  • Whiz uses his trading plan every day, but these days it is second nature

Q: Do you keep a trading journal?

  • In the past, Whiz has used a trading journal, but the platform he uses today allows for exporting activity

Q: What is the next step in your evolution as a trader?

  • Whiz is always evolving and looking for new ways to implement tactics
  • Keeping up with news events and politics is a big factor in Whiz’s evolution

Q: How do you see the profession of trading evolving over the next 5-10 years?

  • Whiz sees the FinTech movement as a huge factor in the evolution of trading

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Q: What are 3 action steps you recommend to be more profitable?

  • Whiz provides his action steps for people looking to learn to trade


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“I always have hedges in my life and in my portfolio.”

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“Trading is a form of combat, and I like winning.”

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“You can be wrong and still make money.”

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“You can’t make money if you are losing it.”

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“You may get lucky, but luck ain’t a strategy.”

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“A professional trader wants to win 60% of the time.”

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3 Action Steps

  1. Get a trade plan
  2. Manage Risk
  3. Remove emotion

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How to Get More Free Training from Whiz Buckley

Get More Free Training from Whiz Buckley: go.topgunoptions.com/opcl

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About Whiz Buckley

Matthew "Whiz" Buckley is the Founder and CEO of Top Gun Options, an exclusive provider of options training and practical trading applications for options traders of all skill levels. Whiz flew the F/A-18 Hornet for the U.S. Navy and is a graduate of TOPGUN. After leaving active duty, he served as a Managing Director at a Wall Street volatility arbitrage options firm and was a founder and the CEO of a financial media company. He is an internationally recognized speaker and combined his experiences in the military and corporate America in his first book "From Sea Level to C Level."

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